Ethnic Vegan is compiling a list of great vegan information resources from around the globe. Help us by submitting your favorite link on our contact us page.

alaska vegan society
Veg news and recipes from Wasilla, Alaska.

austrian vegan society
All kinds of resources for the Austrian vegetarian and vegan (in German).

Is your booze vegan? Or might it contain such things as fish bladders or gelatin? Find out here.

boston vegetarian society
Learn more about this organization, including one of the largest veg food events in the country: The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

centro vegetariano
An information resource for vegetarians and vegans in Portugal since 2001.

china vegan
Resources for vegans who can read Chinese!

cornucopia institute’s soy report and scorecard
Find your favorite organic soy food brands and see how they rate.

european vegetarian union (EVU)
The umbrella organization for vegetarian organizations in Europe.

food for life global
Largest vegan food relief organization in the world, serving more than 1,500,000 free plant-based meals daily in more than 60 countries.
Support the United Nations World Food Program while you improve your English language vocabulary. It’s addictive.

happycow’s vegetarian guide to restaurants and health food stores
HappyCow offers a free vegetarian restaurant guide, providing vegetarians around the world with vegetarian and vegan restaurant locations and health food store locations.

international vegetarian union
The IVU, which has promoted vegetarianism since 1908, offers a searchable database for all things veg in all regions of the world.

jewish vegetarians of north america
Did you know that after India, Israel has the largest number of faith-based vegetarians in the world? Learn more and find Jewish recipes at this site.

joy of eating
Vegan Ciddy produced this humorous video that debunks some myths about vegan eating and shows how delicious vegan foods can be. Thanks, Ciddy!

local harvest
Use this Web site to search for farmers’ markets and family farms in your area.

meatless monday
Join the national health campaign to help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer

new zealand vegetarian society
Supporting and informing those who follow a vegetarian diet since 1943.

no meat athlete’s vegetarian recipes for athletes
Vegetarian and vegan recipes to help fuel your workout.

organic consumers association
This grassroots, nonprofit organization offers all the latest news on food safety, organic farming, sustainable agricultural, fair trade, and genetic engineering.

pcc natural markets
A chain of natural-foods co-op stores in Washington State offers a searchable online recipe database, including vegan dishes.

pcrm’s information on plant-based diets
The Physician’s Committee on Responsible Medicine is a terrific online resource and includes recipes.

A fun blog with vegan news and reviews of vegan fare in the LA area. Check it out.

south african vegan society
This site promotes the ethical, environmental and health advantages of a vegan diet in South Africa.

union vegetariana argentina
The home for the Vegetarian Union of Argentina (in Spanish).

A blog that cuts through the bs.
Vegan blog and recipes (in Italian).
A project of Vegan Outreach, this site answers many questions about the health and safety of a vegan diet.
This site from the Food Empowerment Project offers some holiday recipes as well as everyday Mexican dishes.

veganos nicaragua
This Facebook group offers links to recipes and a podcast.

vegan SA
Listings for veganism in South Africa, including restaurants, recipes, places to stay and shop, and available foods and vegan products.

vegan society of aotearoa, new zealand
This site also offers some recipes.
Your online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world.

vegetarian phrases in world languages
Be prepared to order vegan food when traveling by consulting this great site from the International Vegetarian Union.

vegetarian society of the united kingdom
The oldest vegetarian society in the world!

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