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Welcome to ethnic vegan’s recipe page, your source for amazing vegetarian and vegan recipes with a global flair. You can browse all of our recipes in alphabetical order below. If you care to submit a recipe, please send it via our contact us page.

24-hour salad

almond tofu
armenian garlic dip
artisan bread
asian peanut sauce
asparagus “cream” soup
auntie sue’s peach cobbler

baba ghanouj
baked beans
banana streusel pie
bbq veggie chili
bean and pasta soup
beer batter bread
best ever vegan oat nut date bars
better-than-chicken cacciatore
bettina’s antioxidant soup
black bean and hominy enchiladas
black bean enchilada bake
black bean soup
blueberry sauce
boulder mountain carrot salad
boulder slaw
broccoli rice soup
brown rice pilaf

cannellini bean dip
cantaloupe smoothie
caramel-pecan rolls
caribbean vegetable stew
ceci bean salad
chai tea
“chicken” mushroom enchilada casserole
cinco de mayo chip dip
cindy’s italian salad dressing
cinnamon walnut cake
classic potato salad
coconut curry soup with tofu
cranberry walnut oatmeal
creamy potato soup
cuban black beans and rice

denver potatoes

easy vegan peach crisp
easy weeknight vegetables in curry sauce

fajitas with cool avocado sauce
flamin’ garden fajitas
fiesta beans and rice

gallo pinto
grapefruit soda
great grilled veggies

helen’s veggie burgers
homemade refried beans
hot artichoke dip
hungarian bean soup

indian potato cauliflower curry
indonesian noodle salad
indonesian rice salad
italian vegetable stew

jamaican jerk tofu
jill’s african vegetable soup
john’s authentic spanish gazpacho

kofta balls

lemon ginger stir fry
lemony donuts
linguine with walnuts and swiss chard
living tree energy soup

mango dessert topping
mary lou’s baked butternut squash with apples
mediterranean pasta salad
mediterranean rice salad
mediterranean stew
mediterranean summer lentil salad
mexican “chicken” stew
michelle’s spring rolls
mint fuzzy slipper
miso soup
moe’s tea
mom’s mashed potatoes
mom’s sweet & sour pepper slaw
moroccan rice casserole
monika’s sesame noodles
mountain lentil stew
mushroom barley soup
mushroom gravy
mushroom salad

one-pot pasta pronto

pasta salad with tofu
pasta sauce with rosemary
paula’s montana wheat berry salad
peanut brittle
peanut butter rum balls
pico de gallo
pistachio brittle
pizza dough
presto pesto

quick okra
quinoa & corn salad

rainbow quinoa salad
raw doughnut holes
red beans and rice
roasted red pepper soup
roasted root vegetable casserole
roasted rosemary potatoes
rosemary focaccia bread
rustic tuscany flatbread

“sausage” and lentils
savory stuffed peppers
senegal maafe stew
sesame broccoli
southern-fried tofu
south of the border soup
southwestern skillet supper
southwestern veggie salad
spanish rice
spiced dal (lentil stew)
spicy coconut soup
spicy oven fries
spicy red lentil soup
spinach mandarin power salad
spinach and peanut sauce over rice
split pea soup
stir-fried tofu with lime and coconut
strawberry tofool
sue’s spice of life soup
sue’s vegan chocolate walnut cake
summer salsa

tabbouli salad
tahini sauce
taste of provence soup
tempeh and vegetable stir-fry in curry peanut sauce
thai butternut squash soup
thai chili tofu
thai cucumber salad
thai golden curry with tofu
thai noodles with spicy peanut basil sauce
thai soup in an instant
thumbprint cookies
tiki citrus beach slam
tofu stir-fry with lime and coconut
tomato and coconut milk rice
tomato florentine soup
tortilla soup
tropical fruit freezer cake
tuscan pasta salad with eggplant

uncle bill’s fresh spicy salsa

vanilla extract
vegan apple pie
vegan creole sauce
vegan fudge
vegan moussaka
vegan moussaka II
vegan pumpkin pie
vegan sloppy joes
vegetable grain soup

watermelon ginger lime slushy
watermelon granita
watermelon papaya smoothie
winter minestrone
wisconsin summer veggie salad

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